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Elevate Your Property with Premium Hardwood Flooring in Pickering

YTransform your space with the enduring allure of hardwood flooring from JK Design Group. Our commitment extends beyond mere installation; we ensure your property exudes elegance, durability, and lasting beauty. As seasoned remodeling experts, we are your comprehensive solution for top-tier hardwood flooring in Pickering.

Why Choose Us?

Discover the JK Design Group advantage, where your floors become a statement of sophistication and value. Our extensive inventory, boasting over 1,500,000 square feet, offers an unparalleled selection tailored to your style, budget, and lifestyle. Choose us to infuse your home or business with the timeless charm of quality flooring, enhancing aesthetics and property value.

What We Offer


Step into luxury living with our hardwood flooring options. Our remarkable products add warmth, sophistication, and timeless charm to your residential or commercial space. Renowned for versatility, durability, and low maintenance, our flooring is a wise long-term investment. Choose from thousands of stunning styles and grains, effortlessly transforming your dream of hardwood floors into a reality.

Enjoy the aesthetic appeal and ease of cleaning and maintenance, ensuring enduring beauty without compromise. Start elevating your surroundings with our classic and elegant choice of hardwood flooring.


Upgrade your living or working space with the versatile appeal of our carpet flooring. Elevate the ambiance effortlessly, whether you desire luxurious sophistication or a cozy retreat. Beyond aesthetics, our carpets provide practical benefits like insulation, acoustic advantages, and a plush, comfortable surface. We have diverse styles, textures, and colors tailored to fit every purpose, decorating style, and budget.

Our extensive selection ensures you find the perfect match for your unique preferences, even for extra carpets. Count on us for products with seamless cutting, flawless seaming, and pattern repeats.


Discover the low-maintenance benefits and stylish charm of our ceramic and porcelain tile flooring, effortlessly showcasing your floors with chic aesthetics. Our diverse selection, including tile medallions, seamlessly complements our countertops and adds an elegant touch to your rooms. We offer a range of tile options that enhance the beauty of your space while eliminating the worry of continuous upkeep.

With our sophisticated and easy-to-maintain tile, you can effortlessly upgrade any room to showcase your floors. Count on us for a flooring solution that perfectly blends timeless sophistication with practicality.


Elevate your living space with travertine flooring—a heavily compacted limestone crafted from mineral deposits in streams or hot springs, boasting a rich calcium carbonate composition. Genuine travertine, recognized for its exceptional durability and high resistance to moisture, stands as a premium choice for upgrading any room. Choose from various finishes and colors to find the perfect fit for your unique style.

Immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of travertine, effortlessly enhancing your interiors with a flooring option that exudes luxury while promising long-lasting quality. Let JK Design Group be your choice for a flooring solution that brings elegance and practicality to your space. Contact us today to learn more about our other products, such as vinyl and laminate flooring.

Carpet Flooring

With more than 1,500,000 sq. ft. of inventory, we have plenty of styles, textures, and colors of carpeting for you to choose from. It's always a good idea to buy extra carpet to allow for cutting, seaming, and pattern repeats. We have carpet flooring designed to fit virtually every purpose, decorating style, and budget.

Tile Flooring

Our tile is perfect for any room in your house you want to upgrade. Tile's sophisticated, low-maintenance qualities allow you to show off your floor in style without worrying about continuously cleaning it. We also carry a diverse selection of tile medallions that give your room a special touch of royalty.

Hardwood Flooring

Do you dream of hardwood floors in special rooms? JK Design Group offers thousands of hardwood styles and grains to choose from!

Travertine Flooring

Travertine is a form of heavily compacted limestone made when minerals in streams or hot spring water become deposited on riverbeds and dry out. If the chemical composition has enough of the mineral calcium carbonate in it, then the result is considered to be travertine.